It was my first time visiting Paris, France and partaking in afternoon tea became a priority of mine. After doing some research, Ladurée did cross my mind as it is highly popularized in the United States, but with its accessibility in the States I decided to leave it for another time.

Instead, I decided that I would visit Angelina on rue de Rivoli. I was drawn to her repertoire of sophistication and indulgence. The mere idea of drinking tea in the very place that Coco Chanel once used to visit on a daily basis was inconceivable to me. I was, without a doubt, eager to take part in afternoon tea at the renowned Angelina.


Upon arrival, I assumed that tea time would be optional before 12 noon as it is in the United States. However, that was pure ignorance on my behalf, but they were still able to accommodate me despite my errors. This of which I am truly grateful for.

The characteristics of the building instantly lived up to it’s expectations of romanticism and poetry, but the charm quickly dissolved into the small spaces in between each table. The conversations I had with my guest were no longer private as the couple sitting next to us tuned in to our topics of discussion. Since they were willing to accommodate me I chose to overlook this setback.

The menu did list afternoon tea for 20€, while offering the option to upgrade with a glass of Champagne Jacquart at the additional cost of 12€. Since I was taking part in afternoon tea during an unconventional time, the waiter did inform me that I was allowed to order other items on side – this is always a bonus for me. 

Shortly after we ordered, the waiter delivered a 2-tiered stand, which steered away from the traditional 3-tiered stand that I was expecting. I was presented with two (2) of the same ribbon sandwiches and a cheese canapé  on the bottom tier. The top tier provided a selection of mini pastries, a mini macaroon and a mini madeleine. 

The ribbon sandwiches were delicious, but I could’ve passed on cheese canapé as it was subpar. As for the mini petit fours…they were, individually, delightful.

Additionally, with the exception of decaf, they offered an array of teas and herbal infusions served in the salon’s matching customized tea ware. Of course, you could’ve opted for their signature hot chocolate instead of the tea if you’re looking for the ultimate Angelina experience.

As enjoyable as it was for me, there were a couple of flaws I couldn’t overpass, resulting in a 4 for its Teapot Rating. However, Angelina is not a place to simply pass by, but rather a wonderful Salon de Thé reflecting the Parisian aristocratic traditions.


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