The Tea Lounge



The new-age music playing in the background as well as the panoramic view of the Vegas strip, both, equally played a tremendous role in my appreciation of the Tea Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental. There were two options (Traditional Afternoon Tea $45 and Children’s Afternoon Tea $28 – 12 yrs & under) available on the menu. Even though, there wasn’t a variety of afternoon tea experiences to choose from, I did appreciate the  tea enhancements (endless mimosas $29, Ruinart Rosé Afternoon Tea $85 and Royale Afternoon Tea $110).

I was immediately overwhelmed with appreciation when I walked into the Tea Lounge. The low chairs, the tea stands, the ambiance – all in addition to the spacious lounge, made it a breath of fresh air. The minor details that Mandarin Oriental put into incorporating traditional afternoon tea elements into this lounge was astonishing. Did I mention the tea sets matched perfectly with the hotel’s theme?

For those of you who don’t know, the origin of tea stems from China,  so being able to see the hotel infuse it’s theme into the Tea Lunge’s tableware had made the history of tea come full circle right before my eyes. And it didn’t stop there. The organization of the food showed the evolution of afternoon tea and how it crossed all class barriers – from the smoked salmon tartar to the classic Black Forest ham sandwich. It was also nice to see that the scones were placed on a heated plate, giving me and my guests time to work  up the tier. As for the petits fours, they were simply splendid as they were a piece of art in & of itself.

Needless to say, the Tea Lounge left an impressive impression on me.



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